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Treatment method including surgical treatment of oral and dental problems


About Treatment

Working area

Jaw surgeon includes pathologies such as mouth and teeth-related cysts tumors, as well as removal or maintenance of teeth that have been implanted in the jawbone of the teeth and jaw fractures, and corrections to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth to assist in the construction of the prosthesis. Jaw-facial pain, lower jaw joint diseases, salivary gland disorders are also within the jaw surgeon's work area. At the same time, detection and treatment of symptoms of some systemic diseases in the mouth also enter the field of study.

In recent years, implants frequently applied in dentistry have been implanted in the jaw, and applications of advanced implant surgery such as implantation of bone grafts in cases where there is not enough bone for the implant are also included.

Another subject that is within the scope of the jaw surgeon's work is the congenital or later developing jaw facial anomalies. These include palate-lip crevices, occasional chewing function and aesthetic deterioration due to the positioning of the upper or lower jaw forward or backward.

Diagnostic methods

Jaw surgeons use traditional diagnostic methods such as rontgen, and they are used in advanced techniques that are supported by tomography and the patient has a three-dimensional bone model. In this case, a definite diagnosis is made before the operation and the operation plan can be done completely. In order to be successful during the diagnosis and treatment, multidisciplinary studies with orthodontics, prostodontics and other specialties of the dentist are required.

Treatment Methods

Surgical procedures related to oral and maxillofacial diseases can be performed under local anesthesia (regional anesthesia) or under general anesthesia. Patients are kept under surveillance after major surgical procedures. In the implementation of surgical procedures, patients' comfort, existing diseases, anxiety and fear of treatment are taken into consideration and patients are treated accordingly.